Line Defense release on iOS

Line Defense

Fruit Ninja meets Arkanoid in a Missile Command twist

“Insane joyride with just one line that you draw with your finger”


The alien menace strikes without remorse. Starting for the major cities of each country, they will finally reach yours as well. Missiles – bombs, comets, bosses, motherships! You are in a position, just with your super finger, to protect the earth in one game so simple, so easy to understand and so addictive that no one has created until now.


Athens/Greece – August 30, 2016 – Legal Radiation, an independent Hellenic game development team, announced today the launch of Line Defense on the online stores of Apple (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Google (Android devices).


Line Defense is a casual action arcade game in which the player is called to defend major capitals of the world from alien invasion just by drawing lines. The game offers classic arcade gameplay that mixes elements inspired from Fruit Ninja, Arkanoid and Missile Command. New York, Moscow, Honk Kong, London, Paris, Athens, Dubai with their characteristic monuments are some of the cities that the player is called upon to save with his finger so as to destroy the missiles which are falling from the sky. Each stage is a different city. When the line that the player draws, comes in contact with the missile, it explodes and the line disappears. Some missiles simply fall, others are “smart” and change direction, others are deflected and return to the enemy, others hit the shield with force and become time bombs which need to be diffused immediately. If the shield`s energy finishes, the next hit is game over…


The game helps the users by offering them crystals which can be exchanged for power ups which will give extra energy to the shield or will recharge it, will slow the game down, will follow the line which the player draws with an auto-cannon and other surprises which are there to be uncovered while playing. There can’t be excluded the bonuses as well from Line Defense which can be bought with crystals that just simply fall from the sky.


What makes Line Defense attractive?

  • Very easy to use – complete control with one finger
  • Endless gaming with various international cities & changeups in game style and play with choices (Power-ups + Bonus + Bosses)
  • Achievements for maximum engagement
  • Original Soundtrack + Visual Effects + Minimal design
  • It doesn’t require user instructions. You simply just start to play.


Line Defense is offered for FREE at the online stores of Apple (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Google (Android devices)


Download for free:

Click here for the iOS [iPhone – iPad] version
– Click here for the Android version


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