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Anasa - Food For Thought

Educational game for students. Web, iOs and Android versions.

No Mercy iOs Fun

Have a laugh with your friends while you virtually punch and hit your enemies!

Tap Disc iOs Game

An entirely new and wholly unique type of game that is quite unlike anything you have ever played before.

What you end up with is a fun mix of a timing and angle game that's pretty addictive. Tap Disc is definitely worth checking out.
TapDisc for iOS combines a unique and challenging mixture of timing, strategy, and unique gameplay to create an interesting and fun new style of touch-screen game. Overall TapDisc benefits from being a unique and challenging game for iOS. The graphics are fun, and the back story even makes sense--think bubbly Star Wars characters fighting a giant radiation ring.
It's that simple. Yet it is also dastardly hard and very addictive... Tap Disc is a marvel. Score: 4/5
Not since Tron: Deadly Discs have flying Frisbees of death and destruction been so fun. Unless you’re absolutely against twitch gaming, or afraid to invest a little time into learning a deep system, Tap Disc is a great addition to any iPhone gamer’s library.

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