Tap Disc Arrives on App Store

You’ve Never Tapped Like This Before – Tap Disc Arrives on App Store


Wholly Unique One-Touch Game Defies All Comparison


ATHENS, Greece — October 5, 2010 — Legal Radiation, an Athens based independent developer, today released Tap Disc on the iTunes App Store. Tap Disc is an entirely new and wholly unique type of game that is quite unlike anything you have ever played before. Combining elements of timed tapping and color matching, Tap Disc offers a simple one-touch style of gameplay that is made infinitely more exciting and complex with dozens of unique bonuses, power-ups and challenges.  Tap Disc will challenge your mind and reflexes and if you’re good at it, you might just win some real cash prizes.


The basic gameplay in Tap Disc is incredibly simple. White, orange and red collectible rings will ricochet around the playing field. Wherever you tap, a collector ring will appear. The collector ring will change from white to orange to red very quickly. Tap directly on white discs to collect them right away, but you must tap ahead of the path of orange or red discs to collect them in time with the color shifting of your collector ring. The goal is to collect as many rings as possible while making sure the red rings do not come in contact with the big bad black and yellow “hostile” ring.


Once you have the basics down, Tap Disc only gets more interesting.  As you play you will discover combos and more than 20 different bonuses, power-ups and challenges that alter the game in interesting ways. The soccer bonus creates goal posts that you must “kick” a disc through to disable the enemy disc. The phonograph bonus creates a record player and turns the hostile disc into a vinyl record that you must land on the record player to play a song and keep him stuck there.  With three different difficulty modes and a pre-school mode designed just for young children, everyone can enjoy a game of Tap Disc.


Features include:

  • Simple one-touch tap control
  • 20+ unique bonuses, power-ups, and challenges
  • Three standard difficulty settings and pre-school mode for children
  • Full tutorials
  • Openfeint Leaderboard Support


After a successful run in the #1 spot on the Greek App Store as Flying Discs, Tap Disc is ready for a brand new audience to experience this innovative new type of game and try their hand at winning several cash prizes for the highest scorers.

Legal Radiation - Game Development Team