It all started in 2008, when two enthusiasts of game development joined their passion and founded Legal Radiation. After some research on iOS native language they release their first mobile app – No Mercy goes live on the App Store. It was a joyful ride of creativity and fun and got #1 in Greece. But we wanted to go for our first actual game now.

All those ‘insert a coin to continue’ childhood memories were starting to recover. We were born to breath games since the first arcade machines and we always wanted to be a part of this wonderful world as creators. It was the time to actually ‘insert our coin to continue’.

We brainstormed, we prototyped, we wanted to create a unique game that we’d love to play and early 2010 we release our first mobile arcade game – Tap Disc hit the App Store. Quickly it became #1 in Greece and top 10 in several countries. It got great reviews, including T3, TUAW & MACWORLD.

Tap Disc was one of the first and most innovative Hyper Casual Games ever seen on the App Stores – as MACWORLD wrote “Tap Disc for the iPhone is a genre-defining sci-fi casual game”. Though the game didn`t become a great commercial success, it was a proof that we were on the right track to continue making games.

In the meantime, there was a period of realignment as the economical crisis happened in Greece and we couldn`t avoid its financial & psychological impact. Thankfully, though still in crisis, the team found the strength to rise from the ashes and concentrate again to its vision.

In 2016, Line Defense gets released and at the same time it gets featured on the App Store under ‘Games We Love’ and ‘What We Play Today”. The game receives hundreds of thousands downloads within a week from its release and empowers our instinct that we got what it takes to make innovative games.

LEGAL RADIATION has most recently begun collaborating with US & Asian companies, as a means to reach large audiences around the world.


That’s our story so far, but we are confident there is more to come.