Impossible Shots DESCRIPTION Tap to make a perfect shot when the arrow reaches the green area of the counter.


Love Conquers All DESCRIPTION Reach the ladder to climb into your sweetheart`s air balloon and fly away to heaven! The control is simple in this ‘loveable’ relaxing puzzle. Drag to rotate the platform so you can balance and guide the mustache guy until he reaches his lady.   Love is not that hard to conquer […]

Clappy Face

Fly that face! DESCRIPTION Fly that face and avoid crashing on the clapping hands. The gameplay is extremely addictive, challenging and absolutely fun! If you manage to pass the 100 points, you are out of this world for sure.   * How to play: Drag left and right to rotate the face and fly like […]

Hit The Reds

If it`s red, it must vanish! DESCRIPTION A pleasant game with easy controls and straight forward game-play. Tap (or tap and hold for autofire) to shoot at the red targets.   Rules:Lose: You lose when you hit an obstacle. Win: Paint the boss red by shooting at the surrounding targets. Give it the final shot […]

Hyper Kaboom

An awesome kaboomy joyride! DESCRIPTION Drag your finger on the screen to navigate your character while you shoot at the enemy balls at the same time and enjoy this awesome Kaboom experience! Rules (you can play without rules, but just in case): – The Bombs are your friends. Collide with them to destroy other balls […]

Stripe Hit

Drag the ball & hit the stripe DESCRIPTION You are a speed ball running on diamond avenues. How far can you go in this ‘one hand’ frenzy run? The Game-Play: – Swipe left or right to control the ball!– Break every block of the colorful vertical stripe! Each color gives different ammount of points.– Collect […]

Box It Up!

Flip & match DESCRIPTION Tap the screen to flip the hammer and match the color of the bottom ball.Looks easy? Yes it is easy and relaxing at first, as you learn how to play it. The more you progress, the more you discover a chalenging and fun game-play. Enjoy!

Food For Thought


Educational game for kids and teens | Developed for ‘Anasa’, a non profit company in Greece which acts on eating disorder issues DESCRIPTION FOOD FOR THOUGHT is an educational game for the knowledge and information on healthy habbits and attitudes of kids and teenagers. GAMEPLAY Board/trivia game for up to 4 players who compete by […]

Tap Disc


AS SEEN IN T3 Magazine: ‘It’s that simple. Yet it is also dastardly hard and very addictive… Tap Disc is a marvel.’ TUAW: ‘What you end up with is a fun mix of a timing and angle game that’s pretty addictive… Tap Disc is definitely worth checking out.’ MACWORLD: ‘Tap Disc for the iPhone is a genre-defining sci-fi […]

Hyper Pop

Frenzy ‘tap & shoot’ hyper casual addiction! DESCRIPTION Choose your theme and pop-shot-pop! It`s fast, colorful & addictive!   Simple Gameplay: Control your reflections to fling the weapon and pop away as many targets as possible in one run! Don`t hit the bombs!   Customized Fun: The game includes 8 themes and 12 weapons for […]

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