Kazarma: Shoot ‘Em Up

Navigate through a futuristic city or a colorful retro environment, triumph as you pass through hostile caves, avoiding lava explosions, robotic spiders, bats and flaming rocks and explore the underwater world and its amphibian creatures, trapped inside an atmosphere inspired from ancient descriptions of the lost Atlantis. DESCRIPTION ‘Kazarma’ by ‘Legal Radiation’, is a free […]

Tap Disc


AS SEEN IN T3 Magazine: ‘It’s that simple. Yet it is also dastardly hard and very addictive… Tap Disc is a marvel.’ TUAW: ‘What you end up with is a fun mix of a timing and angle game that’s pretty addictive… Tap Disc is definitely worth checking out.’ MACWORLD: ‘Tap Disc for the iPhone is a genre-defining sci-fi […]

Legal Radiation - Game Development Team