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Have you ever played classic games like ‘Calaga’ or ‘Cosmic Defender’?
‘Legal Radiation’ gets moved by 8bit arcades and creates a new 3D / 64bit space shooter experience which combines simple drag control with challenging gaming action.

‘Kazarma’ by ‘Legal Radiation‘, is a free to play action arcade 3D shooter game in which the players drag to control their ships, shooting and avoiding alien obstacles as they fly over the legendary ‘Kazarma’ bridge.

Navigate through a futuristic city or a colorful retro environment, triumph as you pass through hostile caves, avoiding lava explosions, robotic spiders, bats and flaming rocks and explore the underwater world and its amphibian creatures, trapped inside an atmosphere inspired from ancient descriptions of the lost Atlantis.



All controls are reduced to just holding and dragging the finger on the device. This way the player navigates the spacecrafts and auto-shoots at the same time.

As the players advance through the levels, the environment gets more and more hostile, with various new obstacles on the bridge like gaps and moving platforms, more speed, harder enemies and challenging environmental conditions (rain, lava, darkness etc.).


  • Simple controls: Drag to move & shoot
  • 50 Procedurally generated stages
  • Upgrades & Powers
  • Unlock Challenge Mode
  • Unlock Ships
  • Variety of worlds and colorful environments
  • Unique soundtrack

Whether casual or hardcore players, this action arcade shooter will reward them with hours of excitement and fun.


The ‘Arkadiko Bridge’ or ‘Kazarma Bridge’ is a Mycenaean bridge near the modern road from Tiryns to Epidauros on the Peloponnese, Greece. Dating to the Greek Bronze Age, it is one of the oldest arch bridges still in existence and use today.
– source: Wikipedia


TA NEA (Greek Newspaper):
Kazarma Google Play Games / Game of the week
A greek mobile game at Google tops.
Read it on pdf here

Touch Arcade:
‘Kazarma’ is a Super Colorful, Super Stylish Shooter
I’m a fan of what Legal Radiation has done in the past, and Kazarma looks like the sort of mobile game I always enjoy…

Tech Radar:
Free iPhone game of the week
Ultimately, it’s a modern take on Space Invaders, in 3D…

Free Apps For Me:
Kazarma App Review
We are in love with this shooter. Effortless design, cool story, aliens… What else would you wish for?

Action game to overcome obstacles to protect the world

The best free android shooting games in 2020
The levels generated by procedures ensure that there are not two equal games, and there are also three levels of difficulty…

Snapp Attack:
Kazarma is definitely a game worth checking out!…

Diggita Italy:
The shooter of the future has arrived!
An arcade really well done from every point of view, able to bewitch every fan of the genre from the first seconds of the game and visually incredible!…”

Android Apps For Me:
This is a shooter!
It is a fun, bright, and creative solution to a boring evening. Kazarma is a perfect shooter and has to be on anyone’s phone.”

Touch Arcade:
Best New iPhone Games of September…

Mobile Gamer.hu:
Upcoming Announcement of Kazarma!
Legal Radiaton Team have announced that they will soon be bringing a special mobile game to those who love specialties, because their work Kazarma can be called anything but simple or average….

App Pearl:
Kazarma offers fifty unforgettable levels
Have you ever played a game that seemed simple in the beginning but then blew your mind? We have! Kazarma is the name of our new obsession.

Tech Radar:
Our favorite free Android FPS titles, twin-stick blasters and vertically-scrolling retro shoot ’em ups.
On the easiest, Kazarma almost has a chill-out vibe, but ramp things up and it will take your face off!

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Kazarma – Google Play Good Stuff
We take developer Legal Radiation’s new 3D shooter for a spin and walk away impressed!

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A cat gamer presents Kazarma!

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The ancient bridge of Kazarma which connects the human colonies of the Galaxy,…

Tech News:
The Best Free iPhone Games Of 2019
Ultimately, it’s a modern take on Space Invaders, in 3D……

Yakanak News:
The best free Android games 2019
On the easiest, Kazarma almost has a chill-out vibe, but ramp things up and it will take your face off!

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Kazarma is an intense 3D shooter with a surprising amount of intricacy to its enemies and track-based level designs.

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