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All the news from Legal Radiation team about ‘Kazarma’.

Kazarma: Game of the week on Google Play Games app

‘Kazarma’ by ‘Legal Radiation’, gets featured on Google Play Games app as the Game of the week. A [...]

Line Defense: A hidden gem from Legal Radiation

UFO ARCADE WITH A COSMOPOLITAN TOUCH TO IT! Line Defense is a casual action arcade [...]

Kazarma Launch Announcement

***Update: September 10, 2019: Kazarma is launched on the App Store. Click to download. The [...]

Kazarma Beta is over

Aug 03 2019, Athens, Greece Beta is over. We gathered all the feedback and we [...]

Kazarma Beta Announcement

July 20 2019, Athens, Greece Beta is opened for iOS & Android. Signup

Kazarma Preview Announcement

July 10 2019, Athens, Greece Legal Radiation team announces the preview of ‘Kazarma – Futuristic [...]

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