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Line Defense is a casual action arcade game in which the player is called to defend major capitals of the world from alien invasion just by drawing lines. The game offers a unique experience mixed by elements inspired from Breakout and Missile Command, blending respectfully retro mechanics with modern gameplay customised for the mobile touch screen.


All controls are reduced to just one line that the player draws with his finger. This line destroys rockets, deflects rockets back to enemies, diffuses time bombs, collects bonuses and gets upgraded. The goal was to create a unique game with familiar mechanics and minimalist design, which allowed the developers to focus on details like an original soundtrack and various mixes during gameplay.



  • Simple one finger swipe control
  • Unique bonuses, power-ups, bosses & Motherships
  • Collect crystals and get special upgrades for your line (cannons, radar, shield power etc.)
  • 20 colorful maps & a challenging hardcore mode
  • Unique Mini Games for extra fun
  • Amazing original soundtrack with dynamic ingame music.
  • Easy to play – no tutorial needed!
  • Includes 50+ achievements
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