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Special Rare Bonuses:

- The heart is very rare to happen. But when it does will give you 200p for every life you have nt lost or give back the lost lives + points. If you lost one life you ll get a life and +400p for example

- The cross is very rare to happen too. It will give you 6 lives !

The level bonuses, that have a graphic that comes close to the level`s backgrounds, for example, the 1`st level is the cloud and the bonus is a cloud, the second is the rain and the bonus is a drop, etc. These bonuses have a blue ring around them always. So you collect`em with the fourth ring of your collector (the blue) that activates only when a bonus appears. The level bonuses offer ONE LIFE (if you need it) or 200points if you are full of lives. They appear only once or in some cases twice in a level.

The random bonuses (You collect these discs according to the color of the ring around them):

- the blue bottle. it makes the bad disc slower
- the white pill. It turns all discs to white (the easiest to collect, just touch them).
- the white bottle. The next 20 discs will be white.
- the missile. a target appears on the screen (with a tiny red bar that slowly disapears). You drag the target so you can manage to synchronize it with the bar (if the bar ennds a missile expldes) and hit the bad disc. The disc explodes and stays out for a while.
- the soccer ball. The hostile disc becomes a soccer bal and a goal post appears at the left (it moves up and down). If you manage to "kick it" inside you score and the hostile stays out for some seconds.
- the four touches. You now have four touches instead of two (you can even block the bad disc to corners if you aren good enough).
- the pool table. The hostile disc becomes a black pool disc and the background becomes a pool table. You must lead the disc in a pocket to disapear it from the stage for a while and if you are lucky to get the 200p award.
- the golden touch. The ring (collector as we prefer to call it) becomes gold and ii collects everything that collides with. You touch a whatever color disc or bonus and you get it. Very much of a bonus.
- the phonograph. The hostile disc becomes an old record disc and you must send it to the phonograph. If you make it, the bad disc stays there for some time playing an old 20`s tune.

You get many points fast.
The combos are:

- Three orange discs in a row give 15+15+15 +40 extra points for the combo + 10 whites (gift) to follow. Every orange you collect after that, gives 15(orange value) +20p(reward you continue the orange row).
- White > Orange > Red give 10+15+20 +60 extra p. +life bonus release
- Three red in a row +20+20+20 +60 + random bonus release. For every extra red you get p20(for the red disc)+30p (for the chain)
- If you manage to put two discs in a collector: the value of the disc +20p.
three discs in a collector: the value of the 3rd disc +60p.

- When you manage to collect 5 discs in a row (no matter what their color is), you release a random bonus disc (from the ones i mentioned above and more).
- When you make ten in a row... You immobilize the hostile disc for 15 seconds. )
There are indicators that let you know how many discs you collect in a row (top left).

The white disc is 10p, the orange 15p, the red 20p.


Please don`t use your thumbs to play
Use your forefinger and react fast.

Everytime a friendly (any colour) disc hits the collector it gets protected / shielded (we have an animated effect for this for 2 secs or so. But you have a penalty of 5 points loss.
That`s why the new players sometimes make scores like -40 or so.

So it is more than obvious that when you want to protect a disc from colliding, YOU JUST TOUCH IT !!!

FORGET the special discs and concentrate on the white, orange, and red ones.

Always collect the reds first which lead to life loss if they collide with other friendly discs or with the enemy.

The whites are very easy so get`em anytime you find them.

There are times that you must NOT collect discs immediately and follow a strategy that suits you.

Have you noticed that every time you collect a disc, a new one appears immediately but when you don't collect a disc, it passes some time for the next disc to get served ?

Something else:
Lets say you have 2 white discs on the screen.
Don`t collect them one by one.
Try to collect them both simultaneously to get extra points. Just wait for a while.

try to manage the combos as you wish.
There is always a chance for a combo.
If you get a white, you fire up the "3 color combo" (white > orange > red).
If you break it though and collect a red you fire up the "3 reds in a row combo" (red > red > red).

Or if you start with an orange, you go for the "3 orange in a row" combo.
There are always indicators top right that shows which combo is activated.

And always when you manage to collect 5 in a row...
...there you are, there is a random bonus coming.

Don`t want the bonus because it disturbs you from your mission ?
BREAK THE COMBO after the 4th disc in a row just by touching anywhere on the screen without collecting a disc.
And get back to them when you are ready to control them.

But you can discover methods when you get familiar enough to deflect the hostile (radioactive) disc without even losing your combos.


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