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4th prize
( For the first player to surpass 75.000 points on normal mode )

Interview wth our first winner Kostas Karagiannis

Name: Konstantinos
Last Name: Karagiannis
Country: Greece
Age: 30
iDevice: iPod Touch 2g

- What was it that made you buy the game for the first time, and what was it that made you keep coming back and playing game after game?

The review i read in the iphone hellas forum from the user JohnHasio(respect) who is a pretty hard core gamer, and a gamer who's opinion i trust very much. Also the fact that the game was created by greek developers. This was one of those very rare games that made me say to myself "this is how mobile games are supposed to be". Even though i'm not really a fan of "endless" games, this one was special. It needed a lot of concentration, timing, and some pool skills!


- How do you feel now that you won the $100 prize and own the top score on Tap Disc?

As far as the money prize goes, the only thing i really have to say is that is very unusual for a developer with such a low purchase price for their game to give that kind of money out. As far as the high score goes i cant really say its that big of an accomplishment, because unfortunately there isn't much competition out there. I would prefer it if there were a lot more active users, and with the high scores changing all the time making it more challenging. Tap Disc is definitely is one of those games that is capable of offering such challenges!


- How long did it take you to reach 102,000 points?

about 45 minutes


- What were some of the best experiences you've had so far playing Tap Disc?

Once i got used to the gameplay, i was around 30,000 points with 5 lives available to me. Once i lost all my lives in just a few seconds on the "all red" challenge level, that's when i knew that this was going to be one very addictive game!


- What kind of advice would you give to other players looking to get a very high score?

Combos, combos, combos.... As a beginner i would reach a score of 30,000 after 45 minutes, and now that i've learned how to complete the combos, i've earned a score of 102,000 in the very same time about.


- What would be the first word that comes to mind when you hear about Tap Disc?

ADDICTIVE. i've seen the word addictive description for so many games on the app store, but this is one of the very few that is what it says it is.


- Is there anything else you'd like to add that wasn't asked in any of the above questions?

I think it is very strange that there aren't more active users, and that the game hasn't gotten the attention that it honestly deserves. This is definitely a very unique and special game, and even though it might fall in the "endless games" category, it is very different from the classic run-jump-shoot games. The only explanation i can give is that most people probably get disappointed quickly with the degree of difficulty that the game presents from the beginner levels. If someone gives it time and is patient enough to learn the ups and downs, they will definitely be rewarded with one very addictive game.


We want to thank our first winner (there are 3 more contests running), mr Karagiannis, for the experience and the info he shared with us here - Legal Radiation Team



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