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NOMERCY, the no 1 stress killer for iphone owners

NOMERCY is both a funny game and an outstanding application.

The idea was to create a high quality gaming enviroment with unique graphics and humorous “storyboard” full of surprises.

The result speaks of itself.
The more you think the less you live.
Hit it now while it`s hot with FOR FREE.

Do you feel a real need to relieve some stress?

Do you feel like you have no way to release all the frustration from your everyday pressure?

If the answer is yes, then NO MERCY is the app for you!
It’s very simple: Take or load a picture of someone (or something), then start shooting, stabbing, egging, kicking, hitting with a shoe, slapping with a fish, or even just smacking it with your hand!
Whew! We can assure you after using NO MERCY, all your anger will vanish. In addition to all the energy releasing, you also have the option to save and share your results with your friends or even better………..your victims!!!!

Have a laugh with your friends while you virtually punch and hit your enemies! “Break the ice” and get comfortable with someone you just met by doing something you’ll definitely have in common……”breaking some eggs” on your favorite to hate politician’s face. Have fun with your co-workers by slapping your annoying boss with a fish!
Simply, just have NO MERCY!!!

23 weapons to use, including pistols, knives, uzis, shotguns, darts, bows, shurikens,screw drivers, nails, eggs, arrows, hammers, smacks, shoes, yoghurt, tennis balls, mustard, cigars, fishes and tomatoes! You can even throw your phone or a burger!


Legal Radiation Team / Own Project


October 2009
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