LEGAL RADIATION was founded in 2009 by two game enthusiasts, Ioannis Loukeris (programmer) and Stamatis Sarris (designer). The first game of the team was Tap Disc, an innovative mobile arcade game on the App Store. Since then, talented members have joined the team which aims to produce high quality games regardless of market, platform and price bracket.
The most successful game of the team is the “old school” arcade game Line Defense which was featured several times on the App Store.
An important synergy was also made in January 2017 with LSoft, one of the most skilled programming companies in Greece, with the purpose to produce high quality hyper casual games on the genre of Match-3.
Nowadays, LEGAL RADIATION TEAM collaborates with US and Chinese companies to bring its games to bigger audience.
As we speak, the team works on three new titles that will get released in 2018.


What you end up with is a fun mix of a timing and angle game that's pretty addictive. Tap Disc is definitely worth checking out.Mike Schramm
Mike SchrammTUAW
TapDisc for iOS combines a unique and challenging mixture of timing, strategy, and unique gameplay to create an interesting and fun new style of touch-screen game. Overall TapDisc benefits from being a unique and challenging game for iOS. The graphics are fun, and the back story even makes sense--think bubbly Star Wars characters fighting a giant radiation ring.Joe Aimonetti
Joe AimonettiCNET
It's that simple. Yet it is also dastardly hard and very addictive... Tap Disc is a marvel. Score: 4/5Author
AuthorT3 magazine
Not since Tron: Deadly Discs have flying Frisbees of death and destruction been so fun. Unless you’re absolutely against twitch gaming, or afraid to invest a little time into learning a deep system, Tap Disc is a great addition to any iPhone gamer’s library.David Stone


  • Ioannis Loukeris
    Ioannis LoukerisCo-Founder - Engineer
  • Stamatis Sarris
    Stamatis SarrisCo-Founder - Designer / Composer
  • Zach Stefanakis
    Zach StefanakisCore Member - Game Developer
  • George Tekelis
    George TekelisCore Member - Game Developer - Artist
  • Thanos Tsilis
    Thanos TsilisIllustrator / Animator